5 Things to Think About When Designing Your Bathroom

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Designing Your Bathroom

Designing your bathroom sometimes can be confusing. When it comes to bathroom design, if you aren’t an interior designer and don’t have any plumbing skills, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

That being said, a bathroom renovation is essential work that you can plan yourself before hiring experts to complete the process for you.

Five Things to Think About When Designing Your Bathroom

If you plan to design your bathroom yourself, here are five things you need to consider to ensure your bathroom renovations go according to plan. 

Designing Your Bathroom

1. Begin the bathroom design process with your desired layout.

The first thing you need to do when designing your bathroom is to get some ideas about your desired layout. You can head onto social media sites like Pinterest to get some inspiration about how to lay your space out. While you want your bathroom to look good, you have to make sure it’s functional, too.

If you don’t think about functionality, your bathroom renovation dreams could turn into a nightmare very quickly. 

2. Make sure lighting is a big part of your bathroom design. 

When undertaking bathroom renovations, you need to think carefully about the lighting that you will include in your new room. Unless your bathroom benefits from lots of natural light, you need to make sure you incorporate sufficient lighting into the room.

You might also consider installing a dimmer, as this will help get the mood right when it comes to taking a nice relaxing bath after a long day at work. 

3. Don’t try and pack too many features into a small space when designing your bathroom. 

When it comes to bathroom design, minimalism is always a good template to work from. If you try and pack too many things or features into a small space, your bathroom will look cluttered and won’t give you the luxurious feel you might be going for.

For your bathroom renovations to deliver the dream bathroom, you should ensure you’re clever with your space and design. 

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4. Try and mirror the bathroom’s style with other rooms in the house 

People often forget that they should try and mirror their bathroom’s design with other rooms in the house. For some reason, when planning bathroom renovations, people only think about functionality and don’t think too much about the style.

It’s really important to make your bathroom’s interior fit in with the rest of your home, so be mindful of this when finalising your design. 

5. Your bathroom design must consider storage space when designing your bathroom

bathroom storage space

One of the most important features of any bathroom is storage space. If you don’t have under-counter storage for many of your toiletries and other bathroom essentials, you will end up having to clutter your surfaces and store things in other rooms.

Be sure that when you’re planning bathroom renovations, you incorporate sufficient storage so you can find a home for all of your excess toiletries and beauty products. 


Bathroom renovations are an excellent way to add value to your property, but you need to ensure you think carefully about how you lay your bathroom out to ensure it is both functional and stylish. Hopefully, these tips will help you create the perfect bathroom design and have a space in which you can relax. 


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